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KS1  staff and children celebrating Easter with a parade of fun and enjoyment.

Our School took part in this special event to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

The whole school celebrated the Royal Wedding with a Royal street party in the playground.

Many thanks to Mr Fitch and Miss Lynch for being William and Kate for the day.

The whole school including ex-students and parents took part in our centenary event celebrating our 100th year as a Catholic school.

On Friday 11th July 2014 we (St Edmunds) held our third Sports Day of the Year, this one being for Key Stage 1.

Key Stage 1 were due to have their Sports day in the Junior Playground, but due to poor weather, we had to hold it in the school hall.

This resulted in a limited number of events, but it was a great success as every child took part and everyone had a great time.

Thank you to the teachers for organising this competition and making sure it still went ahead. Next year, Key Stage 1, like the Juniors, will have their Sports Day at Lee Valley Athletics Stadium!




The referee’s decision is final!

Members of the Code Club have been running a lunchtime Penalty shoot-out competition for Key Stage 1 pupils using the Roamer robots.


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A very special visitor known as Google came to our school demonstrating his great work towards aiding people.

Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from Zoolab last week. We learnt lots about how to care for minibeasts and even got to hold them! There was a cockroach, a tarantula, a scorpion, a giant African land snail and even a snake! We were all very brave – what an exciting day!

Year 2's Christmas performance of ' Born in a Barn' was a great success!  The children did an amazing job and had a lovely time showing off all their acting, singing, dancing and reading skills!  Well done Year 2! Thank you to all of the family members and carers who came to support their children during their special performance.

Year 2 travelled to London Zoo to see the kinds of animals we’ve been learning about in our ‘Africa’ topic. We had a fantastic time and saw lots of exciting animals that we wouldn’t have seen around Edmonton! What a great day!

Year 2 recently took a trip to the Lee Valley Odeon Cinema with Year 1 to watch Mr Peabody and Sherman. The film was hilarious and the trip there on the upper deck of a red bus meant it was a very exciting morning out! We can’t wait to go again!  

Year 2 recently lead KS1 in a beautiful liturgy for St.Edmund’s day. They told us the story of St. Edmund and reminded us of the importance of our faith. We will all be thinking of our school’s special saint, and the sacrifices he made, as we go about our days. Well done Year 2!

Year 2 have been learning about what things are different between St Edmund’s and schools in Tanzania and what things are the same. They found some photos of Tanzania on the Internet and took their own photos of St Edmund’s to compare them. Then they inserted the pictures into a Word table.

Here is a sample of the work they made in the ICT lesson Tanzania with pictures

During our ‘International Week’ the children in Year 2 had a very busy and educational week. We had a visit from Peter Chand, an Indian storyteller. He told us a traditional story and even taught us some Indian dancing. We also had a special steel band drumming session. On Thursday, we wore our own traditional dress or clothes to match the colours of our family’s flag and the whole school joined together to sing ‘We Are The World’ in the playground. Each child painted their own family’s flag and held it up proudly during the song. The children had also been set a special homework task to research their family’s culture. They then presented these to the rest of the class on the Friday. We also had many parents come in and support their children with their presentations so many thanks to them. Take a look at some of our pictures from our amazing ‘International Week’.

We were surprised and excited to come back from our summer holiday to find that an enormous pumpkin had grown in our playground!

The pumpkin measures nearly 150cm around and is shown here being measured by Amerie who is in Year 1 (and measures nearly 100cm tall!)

Click here to see our newspaper article

Year 2 have been busy planting around the KS1 playground. This was part of their Science topic about plants. They have been learning about what seeds and bulbs need in order to start to grow and how to look after plants. The children planted some daffodil bulbs in the school gardening patch in a special shape. We can’t wait to see them start to grow in our secret design! Can you guess the secret shape? (A clue- it links to our School Motto!)

Well done to all of those children who entered the KS1 Playground design competition. There were so many fantastic entries that it was decided there would be a winner from both Year 1 and Year 2 classes. The winners were awarded special certificates at assembly and their final designs are now on show for others to admire. Can you spot any of their ideas in our exciting new KS1 playground? Well done again to Janosha, Ebuka, Maya and Rebecca.

Starring Miss McCarthy as the Easter bunny!

KS1 staff and children celebrating Easter with a parade of fun and enjoyment.

Take a look at our time lapse video of the new KS1 playground from start to finish. We love the end result!

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Year 2 visited our local Church. We saw Father Emmanuel and he spoke to us about our RE work on the sacrament of Baptism.

See more on our

R.E. page

Playground Time Lapse Church Visit Easter Parade Year 2 Gardening KS1 Playground Competition International Week Our Pumpkin Year 2 Page

Year 2 had great fun learning how to do parasol dances to celebrate Chinese New Year.  We are looking forward to the Year of the Monkey and wish everyone Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Year 2 had a fantastic time learning and performing their Christmas play - 'Born in a Barn'.  Well done for all the brilliant singing, acting, dancing and narrating!

We were all very excited when the Easter Bunny came to visit us!  To welcome our very special guest, the children designed and made Easter hats and we had an Easter Parade.  The hats were absolutely fantastic and the children put lots of effort and enthusiasm into making them.  Well done!  The Easter Bunny had a very hard job deciding on the competition winners!  

The children in Year 2 have been learning how to ride a bike during the Bikeability sessions.

Bike ability Lessons Year 2 Science

The children in Year 2 have been carrying out a science investigation to find out how much weight it takes to break the string.

Year 2 Maths

Some of the children in Year 2 have been following the 1st Class Maths scheme, learning new ways to solve maths problems.

We worked hard to estimate how many marbles our partner was holding

We worked hard to count the sides and find the angles of different shapes. 

We have been working hard to complete a sorting problem. How many different ways do you think you could sort houses?

We learnt about The Ascension.  We listened to the Scripture and then we worked as a group to act the story out.

We thought about "Charity" we made a "Be Charitable Today Jar", if you are visiting 2.1 please take a slip!

Year 2 Religious Education

Today The Queen came to visit us! She was friendly and very funny!

The Queen’s Visit To Year 2

We are learning about "Performance Poetry", we have been performing Michael Rosen's "Hand on the Train" in small groups. 

Year 2 Hand On The Train Poem

We went on a picnic with our teddy bears!  We had a great time eating, dancing and singing.

Teddy Bears  Picnic