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The children in Year 2 walked across to visit our Church. As we walked into the Church, we blessed ourselves with Holy Water. We then walked around the Church looking for things that we recognise. We discussed what different objects in the Church are used for and why they are there. We looked closely at the artwork and described how it made us feel. We then closed our eyes and said a prayer.​

Our Church Visit

We gathered together to celebrate harvest and thank God for the food that we eat.  We also prayed for people that do not have enough to eat.  

Some of us went on an Ocean Safari using Virtual Reality headsets from Google Expeditions. ​Under sevens weren't allowed to use the headsets but they still enjoyed using mobile phones to see the sights!

Google Expeditions Visit

This year the children in Year 2 performed our version of the nativity story called Born in a Barn. All of the children really enjoyed acting out the story as barn animals and singing all of the songs.  Thank you to the parents that came and supported their children on the day of the performance. 

Y2 Christmas Play

The Easter Bunny came to visit!  She was very impressed with all of the Easter hats that we made.  Well done to the winners of the hat competition and to all the children that received end of term commendations.

Easter Parade