Love, Care, Share Year 5 Past Events

A very special visitor known as Google came to our school demonstrating his great work towards aiding people.

On the 16th June 2014 children from Years 3,4, and 5 came to school in their Holy Communion clothes. Then we all went to church and had a wonderful mass. The person who was leading the mass was Father Emmanuel. After the mass we went to the school hall. We took some photos and we had biscuits and a drink. It was a delightful morning.

The Year 6 Digital Leaders and Year 4/5 Code Club went on a Digital Summer Trip at Hackney Community College on 3rd July where they learnt (amongst many other things) how to play music on vegetables!

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Both year 5 and year 6 attend the Lea Valley Centre to compete in their sports day event.

More information can be found on our P.E sports day curriculum webpage

The Dance club which is made up of Yr5 and Yr6 children performed a flash-mob in the playground much to the surprise and delight of the other children.

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Our School took part in this special event to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

The whole school celebrated the Royal Wedding with a Royal street party in the playground.

Many thanks to Mr Fitch and Miss Lynch for being William and Kate for the day.

The whole school including ex-students and parents took part in our centenary event celebrating our 100th year as a Catholic school.


The whole school took part in the Mary Procession in the Parish garden.

Year 2, 3, 5 and 6 children had writing workshops with author Donna Vann.

We learned how to plan, write and edit a story.

Some children also learnt the importance of hooking the reader and ways to do this.

On Thursday 26th February Code Club visited Computer Aid International in New Southgate to find out what the charity does and how we could help.

CAI refurbish IT equipment donated by companies and individuals in the UK and send them to schools, hospitals and charities in other countries, mainly in Africa and South America. We were particularly interested to see a package going to Sierra Leone, where we have our link school.

We looked around the warehouse and saw how they remove all the data from the computers before they send them abroad. They told us that the Queen sends them her computers so we could see how important it would be to destroy the data!

Then they helped us to think about how important it was for people to be able to use computers and how it might even save lives.

This is what they said about us:

“It was an absolute joy having St. Edmunds with us sharing ideas with such bright young minds; whoever questioned whether the quality of education is getting better needs to start talking to school-age children.  It was such an inspiring visit for us and we would love to make it a habit with a new coding club every year.”

We will be finding out some more about this charity and doing some fund-raising soon.

Please click on this link to find out more about what YOU can do to help:

On Wednesday 3rd December, Mrs Nagle, Mrs Freitas and Miss Pittendreigh took 16 children from Year 4 and Year 5 to the Advent Carol Service at Westminster Cathedral.

See more on our

R.E. page

Year 5 went to the CLC to learn how to make robots using Lego WeDo. First we practised with simple models: getting them to move in different ways and make different sounds. Then we made drumming monkey robots or spinning tops. Lastly we could choose what robot to make and some of us made dragon robots for St George’s day.

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