Love, Care, Share Our After School Clubs Curriculum  Page

The Local History Club were awarded their prize at the Forty Hall Village Fete in May. they met the Mayor of Enfield and attended a special afternoon tea with their families, members of Mrs Darling's family and other prize winners.

The Local History Club spent their prize money at the London Canal Museum. They dug tunnels through sand castles and competed to see who could build the strongest bridge; they went on a canal boat along the Regent’s Canal going through Islington Tunnel and City Road lock; they became museum curators cataloguing some of the museum’s artefacts; and they made (and ate!) ice cream in the same way the Victorians would have done. It was a brilliant day out!​

Local History Club

We designed and built boats out of polystyrene tiles, balloons, straws and kitchen foil to see whose could hold the greatest weight.

The Pillowcase Project after-school club led an assembly explaining what the project was about. They explained what the Red Cross did to help people in emergencies; taught the rest of the school how to "breathe in colour"; talked about what items would be needed in an emergency; and how to make sure you have contact details for everyone in your family. 

You can download the kit list and contact forms here:

Emergency supplies kit checklist

Emergency communications plan

Emergency contact cards

​"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!"

Parents and younger siblings of the Year 5 After-School Drama Club, as well as children and teachers from Years 5 and 6, were invited to their production of The Witches of Macbeth. The eleven witches and Graymalkin, the cat, entertained us with the witches scenes from Macbeth as well as a song and a dance which all the audience joined!

After School Drama Club

We learned how to ride safely on our bikes while taking part in

some great activities that allowed us to improve our control while cycling.

During December it started to get dark at 4pm so to continue safely we put on our glow in the dark luminous wrist straps on each wrist

to be seen in the junior playground.