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Years 5 and 6 have taken part in “I Have a Dream” workshops for Black History Month where they learnt about Martin Luther King and his part in the civil rights movement. They also acted out scenes from his life and the history of slavery in America.

During the Autumn Term children experienced playing African Drums,​ some traditional African dancing and listened to stories from different cultures to celebrate Black History Month. The children had lots of fun!

Black History Month Workshop

This October at St Edmund's Primary School, we have been thoroughly involved in many different aspects of Black History Month in all stages throughout the school. 

We have been extremely lucky to have Kofi and Hassan to visit our school and enrich our environment through Storytelling, African Dance and African Drumming. 

In addition to these experiences, we have been learning facts on a daily basis about Black History. These include a wide variety of Black people who have influenced our past and present in all aspects. For example; athletes, musicians, media, activists, politicians and many more. 

During our vibrant school assembly we had pupils perform a dance where Miss Robertson had choreographed amazing moves. We also had a special guest who works at Black Month History who delivered an aspiring personal message. What a treat! 

At St Edmund's Primary School we are ever so grateful to be surrounded by a thriving community with many different backgrounds who are committed to learn, care and share. 

Happy Black History Month!! 

Black History Month Event

Years 1 and 2 used Scratch to code traffic lights in honour of Garrett Morgan, inventor of one of the first traffic lights.

Years 3 and 4 used Scratch to code virtual heart surgery in honour of Otis Boykin, inventor of a control unit for the artificial heart pacemaker.

Click on the green flag to start this game.

Click on the grey dot and use the mouse to move the dot to the yellow area at the top of the heart without touching the sides.

Year 6 used Scratch to code virtual eye surgery in honour of Dr Patricia Bath, inventor of the Laserphaco Probe​ for laser eye surgery.

Press the green flag to start the target

When the target approaches the red area press the space bar to laser it

If you hit the rest of the eye you will loose points   

Black History Month Computing