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On 24th March, Code Club became judges for a National Computer Award! Computer Aid International were so impressed by the children's knowledge and behaviour that they asked them to be judges for a competition that they were running jointly with Computer Weekly and the Daisy Group to find the Coolest Techie in the UK. They looked at the details of the nine short-listed finalists and chose Ashling Lindsay, an animator, as their favourite. 

This is what Emma Radcliffe of the Daisy Group said about Code Club: "The children’s behaviour was absolutely impeccable, and I was incredibly impressed by their professionalism, enthusiasm, how insightful their comments were, their understanding of the world of IT, and their fantastic command of the English language.

Not only were the comments they made interesting but they were well written with absolutely perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation.  I was truly stunned at how good (and legible) their written comments were and my compliments go to the teachers at St Edmunds. I don’t know what OFSTED says, but in my experience St Edmunds Primary is a truly outstanding school."

This is the link to the Computer Weekly website:

On Thursday 26th February Code Club visited Computer Aid International in New Southgate to find out what the charity does and how we could help.

CAI refurbish IT equipment donated by companies and individuals in the UK and send them to schools, hospitals and charities in other countries, mainly in Africa and South America. We were particularly interested to see a package going to Sierra Leone, where we have our link school.

We looked around the warehouse and saw how they remove all the data from the computers before they send them abroad. They told us that the Queen sends them her computers so we could see how important it would be to destroy the data!

Then they helped us to think about how important it was for people to be able to use computers and how it might even save lives.

This is what they said about us:

“It was an absolute joy having St. Edmunds with us sharing ideas with such bright young minds; whoever questioned whether the quality of education is getting better needs to start talking to school-age children.  It was such an inspiring visit for us and we would love to make it a habit with a new coding club every year.”

We will be finding out some more about this charity and doing some fund-raising soon.

Please click on this link to find out more about what YOU can do to help:

Pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 have been using JavaScript in Code Club to draw pictures of animals.

The Digital Leaders went to the Barbican. We saw lots of games and computing devices. It was to do with the Digital Revolution.

Please scan the QR code with a smartphone or tablet to watch a video

The Year 6 Digital Leaders and Year 4/5 Code Club went on a Digital Summer Trip at Hackney Community College on 3rd July where they learnt (amongst many other things) how to play music on vegetables!

Roamer World Cup Penalty Shoot-Out


Members of the Code Club have been running a lunchtime Penalty shoot-out competition for Key Stage 1 pupils using the Roamer robots.

Year 5 and 6 Digital Leaders have been mentoring Year 2 students to help them improve their computing skills. They have been coming up once a week to work either with Beebots or on Espresso. The Year 2 children say that they have got better and are more confident on the computers now so thank you Digital Leaders

This half term some of the Digital Leaders have been helping Mrs Pearson run an after-school Animation Club for some Year 3 children. We have been reading Stick Dog by Tom Watson and then using Pivot or 2Animate to illustrate the story. Here are some animations of Stick Dog falling off a ladder!

The Digital Leaders came to the Staff Meeting to explain their role in the school and to show the teachers how to use the Makey Makeys.

Earlier this year our Digital Leaders ran a series of lunchtime clubs for the younger children as part of the Read For My School national reading competition. Because we were one of the highest achieving schools, they have won 100 books for the school from Pearson Education, the sponsors of the competition.  

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