Love, Care, Share Our Gardening

Yet again the St. Edmund’s Gardening Club has been a great success! Each class got the chance to plant their very own pot, full to the brim with beautiful flowers. Some children even helped in planting fruit and vegetables in our vegetable patch! They have been taking great care of them and watering them regularly to help them grow. We can’t wait to fill our school kitchen with our wonderful produce! We owe a special thanks to Mrs. Marr for coming in and sharing her expert gardening knowledge.

Today our school gardener, James, came to show us how to plant a variety of plants. First we had to take out the weeds from the soil patch and then we had to dig up and prepare sections of the soil. Next we planted raspberries, sweet corn, rhubarb and carrots and finally we added compost to help them grow. It was a little tiring, but good fun!

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