Love, Care, Share Geography Lessons

Children in Year 4 learnt all about Ghanaian culture, thanks to PJ and his fantastic mum! PJ and his mum presented information about Ghana to both Year 4 classes. They were shown traditional Ghanaian clothing, artefacts and jewellery.

We had a brilliant time learning about Ghana and hope that other parents will come into St Edmund’s and talk about their culture.

Year 3 have been studying the weather in England and in other areas of the world. They have looked at weather patterns and now have a better understanding of why countries experience different weather.

Both classes made maps of the United Kingdom and have used ‘green screen’ technology to create their own weather reports!!  They had great fun acting as weather reporters!!

Geography Page

Mrs Pearson led both Year 5 classes in a history walk to the Church Street Conservation Area. We learnt about Edmonton from Roman times to the coming of the railways and about local residents John Keats and Charles and Mary Lamb. ​

Year 5 Edmonton Walk

Mr Fitch and Mr Silva did a joint KS2 assembly all about travel. Google Earth was shown and the children saw their country shown on an interactive globe. The children enjoyed listening to Mr Fitch and Mr Silva's travelling adventures.

Geography Assembly