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Not long ago, a very special event took place: the popular Inter-House Basketball Competition!

Four house teams took part. The representatives were from St David, St Andrews, St Georges and St Patricks. After a grueling contest, they were left two sides left- Andrews and Davids. In the final, the Scottish team defeated the Welsh Warriors. All the spectators were glad to have witnessed this spectacular event.

I (Nana Adjei) have to say that this has been one of the most exciting competitions ever.

By Nana 6.2

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Congratulations to the winners - St Andrews!

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On the 19th of November, St. David’s won the Inter-House Hockey Tournament. We were very happy even though it was very cold out in the Junior Playground. We beat St Patricks 3-0 even though they had quite a lot of chances. We were very lucky that St. David’s won because we lost our first match. There were many good players, but the best player was Ezra fro Year 5!

We thanked Mrs Nagle for arranging the tournament, Mr Fitch for being referee, Mr Silva for being the host and Mr Abrahams for keeping time and finally Mr Ellington for the music.

Overall, this was great afternoon on a winter’s day and we look forward to the next Inter-House Tournament next Term. Hopefully our house team will win again!!!


Obi - House Captain

Kayleighn - Vice-Captain

Usually at the end of terms, we have different inter-house competitions. This term was

the ‘Inter-house Quiz.’ It was hosted by Mr Silva and Mrs Pearson helped with the

questions. There were different subjects to answer questions on: the topics include:

General Knowledge





While the five teams (St. Patricks, St. Georges, St. Andrews, St. Davids and

Teachers) were answering a question, the interactive board would not sense the

answers, so in the end, we just used the ‘old fashioned way’ - school paper and



In the last round, St. Georges and St. Patricks were tied so it all came up to...


We had a song played by (the ‘DJ’) Mrs Pope, and the teams had to guess the

year it was made, and the closest won the quiz!


After many, many nail-biting seconds, we eventually got the results... ST.


The teams got up, shook hands and hugged each other, while the audience

cheered and the event came to an end.


In conclusion, this was a very nice afternoon (especially for St. Georges) and was

great fun. Even though we had a technical difficulty, it went very well in the end.


By Sophie 6.1

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