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Andrews 3 -1 Davids

Georges 0-3 Patricks

Georges 1-1 Andrews

Patricks 3-0 Davids

Andrews 2-1 Patricks

Georges 2-1 Davids

Overall winner - St Andrews

The children took part in their first Inter-House event of this academic year. This was the first time we have held a 'Touch Rugby' Competition at St Edmund's and it was also our way of celebrating the 2015 Rugby world Cup. The children took part with great enthusiasm and spectators seemed to really enjoy this event.

Congratulations to all the children who took part in the 2016 Inter-House Netball Competition. The house team captains and vice captains did a fantastic job in organising their teams and all the children played with great enthusiasm and with the correct attitude.

The third place play-off, ended with St Patricks and St Davids drawing 0 – 0, so both house teams were awarded third place. The final was decided on a penalty shoot-out between St Georges and St Andrews, with St Georges winning 2-1!

Inter-House Touch Rugby Inter-House Netball

Congratulations to St Patrick's for winning this year's Inter-House Hockey Tournament. It was a well fought final between St Patrick's and St Andrew's. St Patrick's had the edge as their players remembered to space themselves out carefully whilst using short accurate passes. 

All the children in the competition gave 100 percent and played each game in the correct spirit.

Inter-House Hockey

The Inter-House Quiz for St George's Day was won by St Patrick's and St David’s.  

Have a look at the PowerPoint presentation and see if you can answer the questions!

Click on the picture to download our quiz!

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Inter-House Quiz st georges quiz.pptx

Congratulations to St Andrews who won and beat St Georges in a close, well contested final to become the Inter-House Basketball Champions this year.

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Congratulations to St Georges for winning the first Inter-House Event of this academic year. They are now the Inter-House Hockey Champions of St Edmunds! They played a hard fought final against St Patricks and won 2-1.

Inter-House Hockey

Congratulations to St Davids for winning the Inter-House Football Tournament. Everyone played really well and enjoyed this competition.

Congratulations to  St Davids who convincingly won the final of the Inter-House Netball Competition 7-1!

Congratulations to all the children who took part in the Inter-House Netball Competition. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the event and took part with lots of enthusiasm. Well done to St George's for winning the competition! 

Congratulations to St Georges for winning the Inter-House Basketball Competition. All the pupils taking part really enjoyed the event and showed good 'sportsmanship' and effort throughout the competition.

Inter-House Netball

Congratulations to St Georges for winning the Inter-House Hockey Competition.  Well done to 6.1 for beating 6.2 in the netball match, winning comfortably 10-0! Also thank you to all the staff who took part in the teachers vs teachers match at the end of this event. It was a great fun packed afternoon.