Love, Care, Share Our Junior Travel Ambassadors

Welcome to JTA’S webpage! We are the Junior Travel Ambassadors!

We will be trying to make the school a better place by...convincing you to bring in your bikes for less pollution, giving you a healthier life style and helping improve the environment of our school.

We recently gave an assembly to all the pupils at St Edmunds introducing ourselves and reminding everybody how to stay safe when travelling to and from school. A lady called Sally visited from Enfield Council. She is a Community Safety Officer and talked about using the Green Cross Code, wearing a seat belt and car seats and wearing bright clothing.

We will also soon be holding a competition called  Car free day. It is when you are not allowed to take a car to school. You could either walk, cycle, scooter or skate to school on that day. The winning class will have the highest number of children for that day. There will be a winner from KS1 and KS2.  We will announce the winners in an assembly and those winners will get extra break time, plus exciting prizes!

Look out for posters around our school and check the school website for more information.

Thank You.

Powerpoint downloads

JTA’S Powerpoint by Derek

JTA’S Assembley Powerpoint by Keira



School Magic

Road Rangers

First find a safe place to cross

Always try to use a well-lit road, a footbridge, pedestrian crossing, patrolled crossing or an island in the middle of the road. If none of these are around, choose somewhere away from parked cars, bends, tops of hills and road junctions so that drivers can see you clearly.

2 Stop just before you get to the kerb

Don't get too close to the edge

3 Look all around for traffic and listen

Don't get distracted by your mobile phone and take out those earphones - you need your ears and your eyes to look around and listen out for traffic.

4 If traffic is coming, let it pass

Don't rush - cars can be approaching faster than you realise.

5 When it is safe, go straight across the road - do not run

When the road is clear and it's safe, go straight across, keep looking and listening.


Road Safety Poem competition winner-Shannon in Yr5 being awarded her prize by Sally from the Enfield Road Safety Team.

Our Road Rangers gave an assembly and organised a competition for the school which was called "Be bright, be seen" to raise awareness of how to be safer travelling to and from school every day.


Road Safety Web Links

Year 5 pupils have created posters to apply for the role of being a JTA (Junior Travel Ambassador).

They have been working with staff from the Enfield Road Safety team to create a project to encourage pupils, staff and parents to walk to school and to stop speeding and unsafe parking around our school.

JSA Y5 Posters

Road Safety Poem Competition winner Shannon Year 5. 

Road Safety tips by KS2 pupils.


Safety Poem By Year 5 PSHE   Page