Love, Care, Share History Lessons

Children in Year 3 have been busy learning about a period in time - The Stone Age to the Iron Age.

They have created and evaluated their model of Stonehenge. Here is some of their wonderful work..

History Page

Cheers to the Queen on her 90th birthday! We had a fun party to celebrate and used our commemorative plates for our snacks. Happy birthday your Majesty!

Queens Birthday

Members of the Royal British Legion (Leytonstone) gave a talk to Year 6 about World War 2. One of them, Mr Bill Allen, was one of Field Marshall Montgomery's bodyguard, helping to guard him in England before D-Day then after D-Day in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. The children were thrilled to meet a real hero! 

Year 6 WW2 RBL

Year 5 classes went on a History Walk with Mrs Pearson to learn more about our local area. They found out about Ermine Street - one of the main Roman roads, the Domesday Book, the despicable ways of railway companies, failed property speculation, Charity Schools, murderous daughters, romantic poets and how to trick the devil!

Edmonton Walk