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Maths Workshops 2014/15

Some children have been taking part in various Maths workshops this term.  Sixteen children from Year 6 and 5 took part in a Level 6 workshop at Raynham School.  This photo shows Nathan from Year 6 and Dominic from Year 5 getting to grips with a problem about circles.  These 16 children have attended 8 day-long workshops so far with the remaining 2 taking place soon.

Our school also hosted a Level 6 Maths workshop led by Isaac Anoom, also known as ‘Mr Numbervator’.   Children from Our Lady of Lourdes, Galliard and Eastfield schools joined our children to work on problems involving circumference of circles and Pythagorus’ Theorum.

On Friday 28th November our school was the venue for a Level 6 maths workshop led by Mr Isaac Anoom.  Children from Eastfield School, Galliard School and Our Lady of Lourdes joined some of our Year 6 children for a day of maths which included algebra and learning about circles.  We will be holding another workshop in January.

Some children in Year 6 are taking part in a series of Level 6 maths workshops which will be taking place throughout the year.  

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Four Children from year 6 recently completed the ‘Reaching Level 4 Maths Master Classes’ run by the Borough of Enfield. The children attended whole day sessions throughout the year. Congratulations to Jonathan, Danielle, Elizabeth and Chibunna.

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Fourteen children from year 6 attended workshops to teach them some level 6 maths. There were ten day long workshops spread throughout the year led by Isaac Anoom who is a specialist Maths teacher. The children loved attending the sessions which took place at Raynham School and they produced some fabulous work. Well done to all those who took part.

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Ten children from Year 6 are taking part in a series of maths workshops led by 'Mr Numbervator', Isaac Anoom.

In the most recent workshop children developed their understanding of fractions and algebra and learnt how to draw a pie chart.

The workshops will continue throughout the 2016/17 academic year.