Love, Care, Share Geography Trips Geography Page Year 2 Southend Visit

Year 2 had an amazing time at Southend, in the summer term. The trip was a beautiful ending to their geography topic ‘At the Seaside’. Before the trip, they had learnt about weather patterns and animals found at the seaside. They understand the science behind making a sandcastle and why the sea goes in and out.

As you can see from the photos, they had an incredible day and will be returning next summer.

In the summer term, Year 4 visited Edmonton Green as part of their ‘Local Area’ geography topic. Prior to the trip, they had learnt about the differences between city life and country life, why there is more pollution in towns and cities, as well as investigating why cities attract so many people!!

The trip’s main focus was to identify how much litter was on the streets of Edmonton. Children were curious to find out how the impact of ‘more people’ living in an area can have an effect on the surroundings and environment.

Their results were extremely shocking!! Children counted over 100 pieces of litter, just between our school and Edmonton Green bus station!!!

Year 4 Litter Field Trip