Love, Care, Share P.E. Fundraising

For Sports Relief each child was asked to contribute 50 pence or £1 to take part in a our organised 'Walk a Mile Event' on Friday 18th April 2016. The children really enjoyed this event with many of them running the whole distance without stopping. The money raised is enough for Sports Relief to use to possibly set up and run an afterschool club for 100 girls in Kenya, helping them to learn new skills, do their homework and stay in school so that they can build a better future for themselves.

P.E. Page Walk a Mile Sports Relief

Well done to all the children for taking part in the Sierra Leone fundraising event. All the pupils took part with great enthusiasm and enjoyed the fitness sessions led by Mr and Mrs Gambling from LRG Fitness. The children's contributions will go to buying and sending school stationery equipment for a school in Sierra Leone, which has just been built for some of the orphans of Ebola.

Sierra Leone Fundraising

Thank you to all the children who took part in the fitness fundraiser (led by LRG Fitness) for the orphanage school in Sierra Leone. With the money raised we bought a variety of resources to help the new school. Thank you to Mount Aureol Shipping for their generous offer of free shipping to Sierra Leone and a special mention to Mrs Wyse and Mrs Fah-Bundeh for helping to organise the equipment.

Sierra Leone Fundraising - LRG Fitness