Love, Care, Share Cycling at our School

Children in Years 3 4, and 6 now have the opportunity to take part in the Cycle Confident scheme.

Level 1 encourages children to enjoy cycling and gives them the basic skills to develop into future on road cyclists. The children's bikes are adjusted with the children watching and learning and helmets are correctly fitted.

Level 2, which is completed by Year 6, allows the children to interact with real traffic. By completing Level 2, children show they have the skills to make a trip safely on quiet roads and cycle lanes, and possibly to school. Depending on the children’s progress the children may go for an enjoyable ride with the instructors, leaving them with positive thoughts towards cycling.


These posters were created to promote cycling at St. Edmund's after a visit from James Taylor our Bike It instructor.


Click on the picture to Download the Big Pedal PowerPoint


Big Pedal assembly led by Miss Osborne and the Bike Crew to promote St. Edmund's getting involved with the Big Pedal 2016.


Big Pedal Assembly Bling Your Bike Bike It Posters

Click on the picture to Download our BMX assembly PowerPoint


Bike It Assembly

Week 1 of the Big Pedal.


Look at all the scooters and bikes we are riding to school as part of the Big Pedal.

Well done St. Edmunds!

Big Pedal

James Taylor, our Bike It leader, visited St Edmund's to introduce himself to us and explain about all the great cycling activities we will be involved with this year.

Bling Your Bike Entries

Here is the Bike Crew 2016!


All the members are from Year 5 and had to write a letter to explain why they would be good at helping our school to achieve more cycling?

They have met James, our Bike It instructor, several times and have helped organise the Big Pedal and Bling your Bike events so far.

Our Bike Crew PSHE   Page

On a rainy day Bike Club learnt how to repair punctures.

They had to find the puncture by putting a part of the inner tube into water.

After the puncture was repaired, Lamiek and Arun replaced the wheel on the bike.

We learned how to ride safely on our bikes while taking part in

some great activities that allowed us to improve our control while cycling.

During December it started to get dark at 4pm so to continue safely we put on our glow in the dark luminous wrist straps on each wrist

to be seen in the junior playground.