Love, Care, Share Our PSHE Lessons

In the Spring term, we had another visit from the great drama group, Ten Ten.

Their performances across the whole school supported the Catholic ethos of our school and gave all the children a powerful message to think about.

Reception, Year 1 and 2 performance was called Freedom Fighter and asked the children to reflect on what rules are and the rules we have at home and school.

In Years 3 and 4, the children were asked to think about what it feels like to serve and be served , during a performance called 'Master and Servant'.

Finally, in Year 5 and 6 children watched a performance called 'Called up' which dealt with ideas of family, sacrifice and challenge.

We also had a Parents session-which a record number of parents attended. Thank you, parents!

Powerpoint Downloads

March 2015 Called Up follow up lesson

March 2015 Freedom Fighter - follow up lesson

March 2015 Master and Servant follow up lesson

We have been reading Traditional Tales and were inspired to do some cooking. Can you guess which stories we have read by looking at these photographs?

Children in Year 4 have been extremely lucky this half term. They have been working with Kinder Kitchen and Virgin money, to create an enterprise and become entrepreneurs!!

4.1 have been tasting and studying healthy cereal bars! They have also been designing and making their own, in 3 groups.

4.2 have been looking at healthy smoothies.

Keep your eyes peeled, as these tasty treats will be on sale soon, at the end of the 10 sessions.


In November, Classes 3.1 and 3.2 received a visit from Warburtons. The children learned about the Eatwell plate (balanced diet), the five food groups and food safety.  The children took part in a discussion, learnt about “bakers hands” and then made a sandwich of their choice, thinking about the nutrition advice given earlier in the session. The children all enjoyed the visit and got to take home  their sandwich, a Warburtons water bottle and a fun, informative workbook.

Year 1 made delicious fruit kebabs!  We decided what fruit we wanted to use and how we wanted to order them on our kebab sticks, then we talked about what we would do differently next time.

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