Love, Care, Share Our PSHE Air Awareness Project

We have recently been involved in an Air Awareness Project to find out about pollution around our school. For 6 weeks ,on Fridays, a man called Markus come to visit us and teach us about air awareness . We looked at different types of air pollution and carried out two investigations.

One of which was to wipe the windows of the year two windows and the corridor windows. We were looking to find out how much particulate matter there was around our school. We found that there was less particulate matters on the KS2 corridor windows which are in the idle of the playground, away from any roads.

The other experiment was to find out the amount of nitrogen dioxide in our school . We discovered that there is more Nitrogen Dioxide in the Infant playground nearest to the Hertford Road. The largest sort of air pollution is Ozone (O2o).

To help the pupils at our school and the people around it we are going to try to persuade parents and residents near to our school to try to use their cars less for short journeys and either walk or cycle instead.

We are asking drivers when they are driving , especially when the car is waiting (this is called IDLING) at traffic lights, that they switch off their engines. This will not only save money  but also lessen the amount of pollution!

Thank you from The Air Awareness group.

Aneesha, Callum, Joseph, Arun, Samantha and Mikaela

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