Love, Care, Share Our PSHE Vistors

Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 5 have all been lucky enough to recently have visits from the London Fire Brigade.


They learnt about who the LFB are, what they do and what we can do to help ourselves and our families to be safe.


On Wednesday we had a special assembly. In assembly, a lady called Rita told us how we could help by volunteering.

There was a boy who was trying to be educated by his parents. Unfortunately his parents signed a form because they were blind and he had to work, tying knots to make carpets. He decided to leave his job and tried to make life easier for other kids when he was ten. When he got home he was killed at the age of twelve.

The lady told us to spread the news to everyone who wasn’t there; discuss in the playground about the charity Free the Children and how we could help around the community.

By Ohemaa.


The Team London assembly really inspired me to get going. It really made me think about how you could help other people and helped me to think differently about how I should spend my free time.

Volunteering was one of the things discussed and it especially caught my eye because it made me think of helping in areas such as : gardening, helping at care homes etc.

The woman talking at the assembly really intrigued me to get involved. Especially the story about the founder of team London and how he saw on the morning newspaper the story that a boy had been killed (somebody his own age) for trying to help society. After, the future founder went to his school and told them the story and asked whether anybody wanted to help. That was how Team London was founded.      Overall, I loved the assembly.

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PC Doris talked to us about Stranger Danger.