Love, Care, Share Our R.E Lessons

Year 6 Praying the Lectio Divina

Year 1 used Espresso to write algorithms for a St George and the dragon app to celebrate St George's Day.

Year 1 R.E Lesson Algorithms

Year 6 Java Drawing

Year 6 used JavaScript to draw the Star of David symbol to complement their RE lessons about Judaism.

In Year 6, we used a flip camera to record ourselves praying the Lectio Divina, using the scripture a letter from Paul to the Thessalonians. 

Reception have sent Advent e-mails to their teachers and Year 1 have used 2Publish to make a class Advent calendar but the rest of the school have been using their coding skills to make Christmas games using Scratch.

Years 2, 4 and 6 used the Star of Bethlehem as inspiration: Year 2 used the arrow keys to make the star move, Year 4 made the star light up if it was over the stable and Year 6 made the star twinkle and grow. Year 3 made Advent candles flicker and wrote some Christmas music which some of them  played using the Makey Makeys and Year 5 helped a shepherd collect his sheep and take them to the stable.

Code Club have also been working hard to make their own nativity games this half term.

We hope you enjoy playing them!

Advent Scratch Projects

Stable by Chinenye

Advent candles by Musashi

Christmas music by Ezra

Stable by Emanuela

Stable by Amanda  

Advent animation by Francis

Nativity by Keira

Away in a Manger

Last half term the whole school spent their computing lessons thinking about our RE topics of Pentecost and Caritas (charity): Reception took selfies with the iPads; Year 1 took photos of the St John Ambulance when they visited us and made them into a photomontage; Year 2 took photos of Royal British Legion charity merchandise, uploaded them and edited them; Key Stage 2 children scripted, directed, starred in and edited their own videos about the first Pentecost - Year 3 did news reports , Year 4 made a silent movie, Year 5 also did news reports using green screen technology and Year 6 used puppets and green screening or Scratch to tell the story.

We invited parents to see the finished photos and videos and asked our friends from the Royal British Legion Leytonstone branch to do some judging. Congratulations to all children for some great work but especially to Anthony, Christina and Adam (Reception); Anneliese, Jody and Samiya (Year 1); Adlai, Noella and Dennis (Year 2); Oliwia and Nicole (Year 3); Kirsten, Daniel L and Jotham (Year 4); Alanna, Esther B and Stephine (Year 5); and Sophia and Keira (Year 6).

Photography and Video Exhibition

Pentecost Videos

(Click on the links to watch the videos)

Year 3



Year 4




Year 5


Esther B


Year 6



The St John Ambulance visited us so that we could take photos for our RE topic (Caritas - Charity). They showed us how to put on bandages and strapped us in the carry chair!

St John Ambulance Visit

Christmas Coding Algorithms

R.E.  Page

We learnt about The Ascension.  We listened to the Scripture and then we worked as a group to act the story out.

We thought about "Charity" we made a "Be Charitable Today Jar", if you are visiting 2.1 please take a slip!

Year 2 Religious Education


This half term we have been studying Lent in our RE and Computing lessons:

    Reception re-enacted the Last Supper.

    Year 1 used chroma key technology to take photos of each other in the desert, in Jerusalem and on top of a mountain. Then they wrote about the Temptations of Jesus and made photo collages.

    ​Year 2 thought about different ways that they are tempted to do the wrong thing. ​

Lent Computing Lessons Reception, Year 1 & 2

​Years 3 and 4 used chroma key technology to record videos about the Temptations of Jesus then they edited them using Movie Maker.

Chroma Key Temptation Video

    Year 5 wrote blogs about the topics covered in their RE lessons and also commented on each others blogs.

    ​Year 6 made claymation movies about being tempted to do the wrong thing.

Temptation Blogging and Claymation
Year 6 Claymation Video