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Congratulations to the Glee Club who managed to finish joint 3rd out of 18 schools from the Edmonton Schools Partnership! You can see photos from their performance from the final at:

Once on the site click Andrew Ridley Photography - Zenfolio, scroll down, photos left hand corner. 

You can also order a DVD of the entire show. The person to contact regarding the Glee DVD is Terry who you can email at:

The price for the DVD is £15, once you email him he will let you know the best way to pay for them.

Alternatively you can watch the children performing their dance, which they performed to the rest of the school last week.

Glee Club Bike Club

Children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in our second Bike Club.

The club focused on the children checking their own

bikes using the A (Air) B (Brakes) C (Chain) technique, taking part in activities, learning how to use their brakes, controlling

their bikes and balancing while riding safely.

We offer a range of different enrichment activities through our clubs run after school.

The Year 5 After-School Shakespeare Club put on a show of The Tempest to celebrate 400 years since Shakespeare's death. As well as performing to KS2 children and teachers, they were also watched by their parents and special guest, Reverend Stuart Owen of All Saints Church. Congratulations to all of them for learning their lines so well and for giving a very enthusiastic and enjoyable performance.

Tempest Play

Code Club spent the last few weeks of term creating a video for the teachers who are leaving, turning them into the von Trapp children from the Sound of Music!

Our Code Club Video Project

Children from Years 2 and 3 had their own Junior Code Club in the Summer term. They learnt a lot about Scratch which they then used in designing their own games. They had to include sound, a scoring system and questions/answers in their games. They all worked very hard but we agreed that Priscilla (2.1) made the best game. 


Click the green flag.

Enter a name!

Use the mouse to move the paddle and hit the ball.

Good luck!

Local History club visited All Saints Church in Church Street. They met Father Stuart who told them about the history of the church, they did some brass rubbings and were even allowed to ring the bell!

The Local History club is busy preparing their entry into Enfield's Blue Plaque Competition. They have visited the blue plaque for Charles Coward in Chichester Road and have researched his story. The presented that story in our Remembrance Day assemblies, impressing our guests from the Royal British Legion with their knowledge. Then we had to decide which "unsung hero" should get a blue plaque. We asked Mrs Margaret Darling, a former teacher at the school to come to tell us about her mother-in-law, Mrs Joyce Darling. Joyce Darling has been associated with the school and the church for years (in fact her mother was one of the original pupils when the school opened in 1912!) Now we know more about her, we will spend the rest of the club sessions making our own blue plaque to enter in the competition.

This is the finished blue plaque for Joyce Darling. All of the symbols were researched and designed by club members who also each made one of the poppies in the wreath. Mrs Pearson put everything together in the Christmas holidays.​

The Local History Club visited the house in Chichester Road that has an English Heritage blue plaque to honour Charles Coward who lived there between 1945 and 1976. They found out that Charles Coward rescued prisoners from Auschwitz Concentration Camp in WW2.

Our Local History Club

In STEM Club we tried to make the longest strip of paper possible from an A4 sheet then we made structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows.

On a rainy day Bike Club learnt how to repair punctures.

They had to find the puncture by putting a part of the inner tube into water.

After the puncture was repaired, Lamiek and Arun replaced the wheel on the bike.

We had to design and make contraptions that would protect a raw egg that we dropped from head height. Some were more successful than others!


We looked at tessellating images by M C Escher and tried to do some of our own.


We made volcanoes using the reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make them erupt..


In STEM Club we learnt about chromatography - we saw how coloured inks separate into different colours - and gravity. We balanced a spoon and fork on the end of a pencil and made robots which could balance if we altered their centre of gravity.


We made times table chatterboxes and were amazed by some mathmagic about the number 1089.

We used the robot arm simulator and a real robotic arm.

We also learnt how to balance drinks cans. (Other brands of fizzy drinks are available!)


We designed Escher-style tessellations using made the designs into these awesome posters!


We started to put together a geodesic dome (but unfortunately we ran out of time).


Three generations of Joyce Darling's family came to an assembly where we explained what all the motifs on the plaque meant. Please see the PowerPoint presentation if you want to find out more.

PowerPoint download