Love, Care, Share Science In Our Classes

Year 3 pupils took part in our After School Science club with Miss McCarthy. Each week had a fun and practical activity that brought Science to life! Some of the activities included spaghetti towers, rocket balloons and exploding volcanoes. Take a look at some of their exciting photos!

Year 2 have been busy planting around the KS1 playground. This was part of their Science topic about plants. They have been learning about what seeds and bulbs need in order to start to grow and how to look after plants. The children planted some daffodil bulbs in the school gardening patch in a special shape. We can’t wait to see them start to grow in our secret design! Can you guess the secret shape? (A clue- it links to our School Motto!)

In November, Classes 3.1 and 3.2 received a visit from Warburtons. The children learned about the Eatwell plate (balanced diet), the five food groups and food safety.

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Butterflies 037.jpg

In our classes we try to bring science to life as much as possible. This year, some of our classes have been on mini-beast hunts around our school. We have also been lucky enough to have tadpoles and butterflies in our Year 2 classes to help them to learn about lifecycles. The other classes have also been lucky enough to witness the changes too. All of the KS1 children were there for the great release of the butterflies!

In this lesson as part of the Earth and Space topic, the Year 5 pupils marked out their shadows and then the following day, at a different time, they stood in the same place and saw how their shadows had changed position, due to the rotation of the Earth on its axis.

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The children in Year 2 have been carrying out a science investigation to find out how much weight it takes to break the string.