Love, Care, Share Science Related Trips

Children in Year 1 visited Lee Valley Park Farm.  We petted meerkats and stroked snakes!

On 7th November class 4.2 visited St Monica’s school. We had a fantastic day exploring their ‘forest’. The day was packed full of exciting activities including finding materials and building habitats.

In the summer term Year 2 had an amazing time visiting Southend-on-Sea. The trip was a beautiful ending to their geography topic ‘At the Seaside’. Before the trip, they had learnt about the features of a seaside, both human and physical as well as different animals found at the seaside. They understood the science behind making a sandcastle and why the sea goes in and out. As you can see from the photos, they had an incredible day and they hope to return next summer.

Mr Silva and Mr Ellington led us in a visit to the Science Museum. We were very excited, especially as some of us had never visited the Science Museum before. It took about one hour to get there, but it was well worth the long journey as we saw and read many exciting things. Each section of the museum was really fascinating and we couldn’t believe some of interesting facts about ‘mankind’s journey into space’.  We also learnt about the history, inventions and discoveries of several greats scientists, such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.  

(Science Group, from Years: 4, 5 and 6)

Science Museum Science Page

During the Summer term, children from year 3 visited Forty Hall and Estate.

They had some workshops linked to their 'Plants' topic.

The children also had the opportunity to look at plants close up using microscopes!

 amazing creatures!

Year 3 Science Trip

Thank you to Mr Silva and Mr Ellington for taking us to the Science Museum. It was a fantastic day in which we learnt many new things. We particularly enjoyed the the 'Technology Area' and 'Mathematics Area' as the information and facts were amazing! 

(Pupils from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6). 

Science Museum Trip

Children from Key Stage 2 visited the Old Operating Theatre and Southwark Cathedral in London. On this trip the children learnt about early medicine and surgery. They made their own medicine using herbs and spices and performed an amputation!

Old Operating Theatre and Southwalk Visit

A group of children from Years 4 and 5 visited the Bank of England Museum and the Guildhall Art Gallery for a combined Science and History trip. At the Museum they learnt about the history of the Bank of England and what it does now; interest and inflation; and the security features of bank notes. They also tried to lift a gold bar and to balance the economy!

Bank of England Museum Visit