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Year 1 and 3 recently had a visit from Kelly who works for the charity Dogs Trust. The children learnt about being safe around dogs and how to care for your pet.

Dogs Trust Visit Zoolab Visit

All year groups were lucky enough to have a visit from Zoolab last week. We learnt lots about how to care for minibeasts and even got to hold them! There was a cockroach, a tarantula, a scorpion, a giant African land snail and even a snake! We were all very brave.

Visit from Dr Mark IMG_1584.JPG IMG_1573.JPG IMG_1557.JPG

We had a visit from Dr Mark and he showed us some amazing Science magic! We had a special Ks1 and KS2 assembly and we had lots of fun! We even learnt some tricks that we can try at home and impress our friends and families with.

IMG_20140616_105849.jpg IMG_20140616_110503.jpg IMG_20140616_110958.jpg Wildlife man

Year 5 spent the morning with a Wildlife man. His name was Mr Howard and he has been a scientist for 10 years, studying animals in the Rainforest. 5.1 worked with Mr Howard first, identifying insects in a pond. 5.2 went around the playground looking for insects and animals. 5.1 found many insects in the pond, including: Micro beetles, Tadpoles, Stickle back fish, Newts and lots more. At the end, we found 31 different insects. 5.2 found 40 animals around the playground. After playtime, we swapped, 5.2 with Mr Howard and 5.1 in the playground. 5.1 found lots of unique insects that were found in our playground! We found a snail with a bright, yellow shell, a small insect with a rectangular back, a white spider and many more. At the beginning, we had a competition, the class that found the most insects would win 150 house points!!! And…class 5.1 found the most with 70 insects!! We had a FANTASTIC time and we would all like to thank Mr Howard for working with us and teaching us lots of things about animals in the Rainforest.

Google the dog visit.

A very special visitor known as Google

came to our school demonstrating his great work towards aiding people.

Thank you to Zoolab for visiting our school and teaching us many new things about a whole variety of mini beasts and reptiles. We learnt about their habitats, prey and some amazing things that these creatures can do!"

ZooLab Visit