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Science Page Project Geodesic

In STEM Club we tried to make the longest strip of paper possible from an A4 sheet then we made structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows.

We made drum kits using cardboard and tin foil which we attached to Makey Makeys and wrote an algorithm in Scratch to play the drums. Then Mrs Pearson told us to hold the Makey Makeys and played the drums on us!!

Making Drum Kits

We looked at tessellating images by M C Escher and tried to do some of our own.

Tessellating Images

We made volcanoes using the reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make them erupt..

Making Volcanoes

In STEM Club we learnt about chromatography - we saw how coloured inks separate into different colours - and gravity. We balanced a spoon and fork on the end of a pencil and made robots which could balance if we altered their centre of gravity.

Chromatography Times Table Chatterboxes Robotic Arm

We made times table chatterboxes and were amazed by some mathmagic about the number 1089.

We used the robot arm simulator and a real robotic arm.

We had to design and make contraptions that would protect a raw egg that we dropped from head height. Some were more successful than others!

Egg Contraptions

We also learnt how to balance drinks cans. (Other brands of fizzy drinks are available!)

Balancing Drinks Cans

We designed Escher-style tessellations using and made the designs into these awesome posters!


We started to put together a geodesic dome (but unfortunately we ran out of time).

Geodesic Dome Attempt

We designed and built boats out of polystyrene tiles, balloons, straws and kitchen foil to see whose could hold the greatest weight.