Love, Care, Share Times Table Challenge

New Times Tables Challenge

Earn badges for learning your Times Tables!

After the Easter break we are introducing a new school ‘Times Tables Challenge’ award system to encourage the children to learn their times tables.  The challenge focuses on rewarding children when they are proficient in a number of times tables.

Each level will be awarded once a set of verbal questions can be answered instantly.  Pauses of longer than a couple of seconds will mean that instant recall isn’t established and more practice is necessary.  Award assessments will be done when the teacher feels the child is ready.  The system is not designed to be a ‘weekly times tables test’ but an incentive to encourage children to learn the tables.

Badges will be awarded for each level reached and can be worn on the uniform.  Once a new level is reached the badge showing the highest level is the one worn.  

Level 1 Red  2, 5 and 10 times tables

Level 2 Green  3 and 4 times tables

Level 3 Purple 6 and 7 times tables

Level 4 Bronze 8 and 9 times tables

Level 5 Silver  11 and 12 times tables

Level 6 Gold  All times tables

Why Learn Times Tables?

Knowing the Times Tables inside out is essential for moving on easily to most other things in mathematics including division, fractions, decimals, percentages and algebra.  Children who know their times table facts will be able to answer questions more quickly and be able to focus on using other maths strategies in more complex problems rather than being slowed down by the multiplication.  Knowing times tables can also increase confidence levels as this part of the question becomes easy.

Children can learn the tables in many different ways.  The following websites contain fun ways of practising times tables using games and other activities.

If you have any questions please direct them to Mrs Nagle – Lead Practitioner for Maths.

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