Love, Care, Share History Trips Year 4 Hatfield House

On the 26th November, Year 4 visited Hatfield House to conclude their Topic work on the Tudors. They had a fantastic day exploring the grounds, learning about the history of the house and meeting some very important people, including Henry VIII. The children learnt about how England changed while Henry was ruling and came away with some interesting facts about battles.

Year 4 travelled to the Delta CLC Centre in Enfield to make videos about Tudor life.

Year 4 was using green screen technology which made it possible to use Tudor pictures for their backgrounds.

They scripted their work and acted their short play, even directed their work. They edited the videos once they had finished recording.

Please watch the videos of year 4 showing their work .  

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Year 4 Making Videos  About The Tudors

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A group of children from Years 4 and 5 visited the Bank of England Museum and the Guildhall Art Gallery for a combined Science and History trip. At the​ Art Gallery they studied the oldest known map of London and saw the remains of the Roman amphitheatre and pretended to be gladiators!

Bank Of England Visit