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Dr Dude from Mad Science gave us a very exciting science lesson with flashes and bangs causing screams and laughter!

Both Key Stages learnt about physical and chemical reactions and reversible and irreversible changes. Dr Dude tried to drench Thomas and Amanda with a water balloon but we learnt that the water inside it stops it from popping when you hold a flame near it. We gasped in amazement when Dr Dude set fire to flash paper in the school hall (and didn't set off the smoke detectors!) and laughed because Kevin couldn't catch the ash. We watched as Kimberley mixed coloured water and other volunteers made balloons inflate by themselves!  For the grand finale Dr Dude explained how the Great Fire of London started when flour and icing sugar ignited in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane. Who knew buns could be so dangerous?!

Dr Dude Visit

Thank you to Zoolab for their presentation on 'endangered animals' to the children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3. All the pupils really enjoyed the activities and having the opportunity to see, feel and learn more about these special animals and insects. 

Zoo Lab Visit

We had an amazing time learning all about the different creatures that Zoolab brought in for us to look at! We stroked snakes, tickled lizards and tempted hermit crabs out of their shells.