Love, Care, Share Our Computing Lessons Computing

Year 6 Podcast lesson

Year 6 visited the CLC to learn how to use GarageBand to make music and podcasts.

Year 1 Algorithms

Year 1 used Espresso to write algorithms for a St George and the dragon app to celebrate St George's Day.

Year 5 went to the CLC to learn how to make robots using Lego WeDo. First we practised with simple models: getting them to move in different ways and make different sounds. Then we made drumming monkey robots or spinning tops. Lastly we could choose what robot to make and some of us made dragon robots for St George’s day.

Year 5 Lego Robots

Year 6 Java Drawing

Year 6 used JavaScript to draw the Star of David symbol to complement their RE lessons about Judaism.

Year 3 Roamer Lesson

Year 3 have been helping Roamers deliver Christmas presents and teaching them to sing Christmas carols!

Year 1 learning about control in ICT

Year 1 used a variety of programs in the Autumn Term to learn about control.

Year 4 after school Computing Club have been using nested loops in Code Studio

 to draw some repeat patterns:

Loops in Code Studio