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At the beginning of term we ran a competition to design an e-safety poster which was won by Nana-Ama (KS1) and Joelle (KS2). Congratulations to both of them for their colourful and imaginative posters which will both be put up on the walls in school to remind everyone how to be safe online.​

All the children took part in Safer Internet Day 2016. The theme this year was "Play your part for a better Internet!"

Year 1 children were reminded of the Animal Magic video produced by CEOP and made an animated story book about SID's Top Tips.

Year 2 children watched a video that was made by the Year 3 after-school Video Club called "Be More CAT" reminding them that before they use a computer they should:

CHECK with an adult that they are allowed to use a computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device.

ASK a grown up if they're not sure about something they have found online or want to do.


TELL an adult if they are upset about something they have seen. Then they used 2Simple to make an animated story book about they video.

Year 3 children were reminded how easily people can misinterpret the tone of an email or other message and used 2Email to learn rules for writing clear and respectful emails.

Year 4 children watched a video and made an animated story book to consider solutions for dealing with cyberbullying.

Year 5 children thought about the kind of comments that people post and how hurtful they could be.

Year 6 children heard the story of 14 year-old Breck Bednar who was killed after meeting with someone that he only knew online and discussed ways that they would keep themselves and their friends safe.

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Safer Internet Day 2016.


We had an E-safety assembly when Mrs Pearson talked about Safer Internet Day. Children from all classes explained the work they had done this year and we watched the video made by the Year 3 after-school video club.

Road Safety Poem competition winner-Shannon in Yr5 being awarded her prize by Sally from the Enfield Road Safety Team.

Road Safety Competition

Road Safety Poem Competition winner Shannon Year 5. 

Safety Poem By Year 5

Road Safety tips by KS2 pupils.