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Our Curriculum

As a Catholic school, St. Edmunds aims to develop each child to reach their full potential in a friendly, positive, safe and caring atmosphere. Our child-centred approach focuses on the individual needs of the child, to ensure success whilst providing opportunities for spiritual, personal and intellectual growth.

Our broad and balanced curriculum is inclusive, differentiated and relevant. We prepare children for secondary school and to make a positive contribution as global citizens; to be tolerant and respectful of themselves, others and the multilingual, multicultural society of which we live.

RE has a special place in our curriculum in school as it lays the foundations for how we live our lives as a school community. However, this is enriched by the many opportunities provided for children beyond the classroom. It is here new skills can be developed. Participation in productions, educational days, residential trips and after school activities allow the boys and girls of St. Edmunds to thrive.

Through the formal and informal curriculum, a positive mind set is encouraged and children develop social confidence; to be self-reliant and self-disciplined; and to form positive relationships with students and adults.

Assessment is an integral part of our curriculum. Teachers use a variety of assessment techniques to aid the progression of students which form an integrated approach to teaching, learning, planning and assessment.

Detailed curriculum information per Year group and subject can be found across our website.