Love, Care, Share Our P.E Events and Competitions P.E

Tottenham Hotspur's Football Competition

"St Edmund's Football Team, reaching the final of the Tottenham Hotspur's Football Competition at Nightingale Academy" .

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"Year 2's Trip to Lee Valley to take part in a Multi-Skills Festival'.

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Gymnastics Festival Year 4

"Year 4 children taking part in a Gymnastics Festival".

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Chess Competition at Lavendar Primary School

"Well done to our Chess Team for taking part in the Enfield Primary 

Schools' Chess Competition at Lavendar Primary School

Year 5 & 6 Gymnastics

"Year 5 and 6 Gymnastics Team taking part in the Borough Competition at Edmonton Leisure Centre".

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Key Stage 1 Gymnastics

"Key Stage 1 children taking part in a Gymnastics Competition at Southbury Leisure Centre". 

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Our Tag Rugby Team

"The Tag Rugby Team taking part in the Borough Competition, 4 wins and only 1 loss to finish in second place in our group!"

Our trip to Alexandra palace

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On Friday 21st of June we went to Alexandra palace.

We participated in an army obstacle course. We had a race and it was quite hard to get to the end. Next we watched 2 boxing matches and we learned new boxing skills, after we took a picture with a boxer. Then we played a game in a fun fitness  boxing ring.

After, we did another course with one of the members in the ambulance team. We looked inside the ambulance and asked questions about basic first aid.

Later, we met several members of the local police force. They spoke to us about the work they did and for fun we had to wear a police uniform and hold a shield and then run in it. It was very hard!

After, we looked through a telescope and learnt more about the history of Alexander Palace. Then we went back to school. It was both a fun and informative trip.

By Vivian and Michael 5.1

     Competition at

St John's Senior School

"The Girls' Football Team taking part in the Borough Competition at St John's Senior School".

Athletics Competition

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We got changed after Lunch, and packed our stuff and got ready to leave. Before we left, Mr Delphini took a picture of the athletes representing St. Edmund's Primary School. After the picture was taken, we set off to the front office.

When we got there, we camped out on the grass, and had a drink. The first race of the competition was 60m hurdles, for year 5s and year 4s. For year 5s, Abigail and Chibunna did the 60m hurdles. Abigail came 2nd in the race and Chibunna came 5th in his race. For the year 4s, Sara-Kay and Nathan did the 60m hurdles. Sara-Kay came 3rd in her race and Nathan came 2nd in his race. Unfortunately, nobody qualified for the final in the 60m hurdles.

The next race was 150m. Only the year 5s and year 6s’ competed in the 150m. The girls that did the 150m race were Paige, Vivian and Divena. The boys that did the race were Sathurjan, Michael and Rheon. This time, only Paige qualified to the final. The next races were the 80m, 50m and the 60m. Oliver participated in 80, 60 and 50m. Oliver managed to win the 50m, so he qualified for the final.

The last race was the 4 times 100 relay. The year 4s and 6s participated. The year 4 relay team was Oliver, Audrey, Sara-Kay and Remell. They came 3rd, and didn’t qualify to the final. Next was the year 6s turn. The girls relay team was Abigail, Paige, Lisa and Laura. They came 4th, and they also didn’t qualify to the final. Finally, it was the last race of the day, the year 6s relay. The year 6 relay team was Michael, (year 5) Rheon, Nathan (year 4) and Daniel. They came 4th, and they didn’t qualify to the final.

We all had fun, even though we only won the 50m and the 150m. It was also very challenging!!

By Nathan


KS2 Gymnastics Festival

Southbury Leisure Centre

By Sophia and Rheygan

When we got to Southbury Leisure Centre we went into the sports hall. Then we got changed and waited for the warm up to begin. The warm up was fun, it was like dancing a bit. When the music started we moved to floor (where we did our ‘floor routine’.)  We did our best to do our routines. There was a judge there watching us and while she was observing us, she was looking to give us points. When the music started again we moved to the bench to have a rest.  While we were sitting on the bench we were also watching the other children do their routines and other children doing vault jumps. The music started so we moved to the vault jump, it was really easy and we got two practise goes and two proper goes. We also watched children from different schools.  They were good, but they forget some parts of the routine like pike, bridge and presenting! The music had started again so this signalled that we had to move again. We went to do our routine again, but this time we all did it with more speed and accuracy. Finally we went to vault again, that was fun as we all did a different style of jump this time. Afterwards we listened to the results .The winning school was George Spicer, but even though we didn`t win we were still proud of ourselves and we had lots of fun.

Thank you Mr Silva for taking us!