Love, Care, Share Church Visits

Reception's Church Visit

The children and teachers in Reception visited St Edmund's Church. Father John Paul was there to greet us. We said a prayer and Father John Paul told us about how we can prepare for Jesus' coming at Christmas. Father John Paul told us that Jesus loves us very much and he even sang us a song. Before we left Father John Paul gave us all a special blessing.  

Year 1’s Church Visit

Year 1 visited Father Emmanuel at the church.  We all said a prayer to God to thank Him for caring for us and for our families, then Father Emmanuel talked to us about all the things that we do during Advent to get ready for Christmas.

Year 2’s Church Visit

Year 2 visited our local Church. We saw Father Emmanuel and he spoke to us about our RE work on the sacrament of Baptism. He explained the symbols of Baptism to us and then helped us to enact one in the Church.