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Goodbye Year 6!

Today has been Year 6's last day at St Edmund's.  It is a very strange day today because it is both sad and very exciting at the same time.

Sad because all of you have been such a big part of St. Edmund’s for a large part of your life. You have spent more time at school with your friends and teachers than you have at home. You might be sad because you are moving to a new school that is different to your friends. It lots of change – new teachers, new classrooms and new friends.

But – today is also very exciting because although it is the end of your time at St. Edmunds it is the start of a new adventure!

After the holidays you will all be going to wonderful Secondary Schools where you will meet new friends and have great opportunities.

We are very proud of all of you. We have watched you grow over the years in height and intelligence, until we see the wonderful young people you have become today.

Always remember your time at St. Edmund’s.

Remember our Motto – To Love, Care, Share.

If you can remember to live by this Motto in all that you do, you will have a great, happy life ahead of you.

Love your friends and your families, and you will feel loved in return.

Care for others around you and out in the wider world, and you will be cared for by others

And Share your wonderful talents that God has given you – put them to good use.

Come back to visit us to inspire other children when you are doctors, solicitors and teachers.

All the staff at St. Edmund’s wish you lots of happiness and great success in your new schools and your futures.

                                                                                                                                                    Mrs Johnstone

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