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Extra-Curricular Activities

At St Edmund's Catholic Primary School, we are passionate about offering as wide a range of clubs as possible for the children. We aim to provide a broad mix of extra Curricular activities, including a range of sports (both individual and team) and the arts. The precise mix of activities varies from term to term, but there is always plenty to broaden children's minds and develop their skills. Clubs and activities offer the chance for children to take on new challenges, work with different people, and build their confidence and self-esteem. Our extracurricular activities encourage independence, perseverance and commitment.

The majority of our clubs presently run from 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm, with children encouraged to bring a healthy snack to enjoy before starting. They will begin on the second week of each term and finish during the penultimate week of the term.

Have a look below at the clubs children are enjoying this Summer term!


Netball Club

Our Netball team getting ready for their first league match in October.

Year 3/4 Football Club

Picture coming soon

Year 5/6 Football Club

Picture coming soon

Year 2 Gardening Club

Picture coming soon

Year 1/2 Multi-Skills Club

Picture coming soon


Picture coming soon