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Secondary School Transfer

St Edmund's will endeavour to support parents and carers as much as possible when choosing a secondary school for their child. The choice, however, resides with parents, and they should take the necessary steps, in good time, to ensure that they make a sensible and informed choice.

Please see the attachments below for information on transferring to secondary school.

Helpful tips on selecting a secondary school

  • Talk to parents who actually have children at the school rather than someone who has heard something about it.
  • Trust your instinct. Take your child with you to visit your top three schools to gauge their reaction to the “feel of the school”.
  • Go on the schools website and check the opportunities they provide. Reading the school OFSTED report will also help you get a good idea of how the school is run.
  • On open days talk to the pupils, not just the staff. If a child shows you round talk to them about their experience, they are usually brutally honest when they are away from staff!
  • Think about your child’s journey. Secondary school is exhausting at first, a long journey can put stress into the situation. Think about the return journey after sports or music events in the evening and the pressures this may put on family life.
  • Fill in all the places on your application form for the borough. Putting just one school first won’t make it more likely that you get it and could mean that if you don’t get it they can allocate you anywhere.
  • Put the open days and deadlines for applications in your diary in the summer holidays so that you don’t miss them.
  • And please DON'T WORRY! Remember, if we can be of any help, contact the school and you will be put through to someone to assist with your query. 

Where did St Edmund's children go to secondary school in 2023?


Secondary School Area Number of children
St Ignatius College Enfield 17
St Anne's Catholic High School  Enfield 23
St Thomas More Catholic School Haringey 3
Winchmore Secondary School Enfield 1
Bishop Douglass Barnet 2
Bishop Stopford Enfield 1
Heron Hall Academy Enfield 1
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School Barnet 2
Aim Academy Enfield 1
Edmonton County Enfield 1
Enfield Grammar Enfield 1
Enfield County Enfield 1