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Hatching Chicks!

Egg-citing News!


Year 2 would like to share some ‘egg-citing’ news!  A farmer came on Tuesday 20th April with a special delivery of eggs in an incubator and by Thursday the special eggs had started to hatch into little chicks.

A little yellow chick appeared first, followed by a ginger, a grey one and overnight two black chicks had also joined the brood.

It has been an amazing learning experience for us all; there was a real buzz across the school and a live webcam was set up so everyone could share in the experience. 

We created our own list of rules about how to care for the eggs and chicks. It is a responsibility we have taken very seriously. We all agreed to use gentle voices so as not to scare the chicks.

Once the eggs had hatched we waited for them to fluff up and transferred them to their brooding cage. Can you believe they’ve grown already so much in one week?  They will need more space very soon so they will be going back to the farm where they can roam around freely.

This has been amazing experience and we will never forget the little chicks!