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Scientists Of The Future!

At St Edmunds, Science is taught with an emphasis on improving scientific language and skills. We provide lessons and experiences that allow our pupils to develop and build Science process skills as they move through the key stages. As the world around us becomes more science-driven, we expose our pupils to experiences that spark further interest in STEM-based careers. Pupils can ask and investigate their own questions through weekly science lessons and explore the subject further through cross-curricular learning.

As we continue to raise the profile of Science in our school, this academic year, we introduced Super Scientists in each class. These individuals have displayed an enthusiasm for the subject or excelled in a lesson /topic. The reward for this fantastic display of Science knowledge or skill is their very own lab jacket, which can be worn for the next block of lessons! 

So, if you ever see a child wearing one of our lab jackets, ask them any Science questions you may have!

Well done to all the children who have started the year as their classes' new Super Scientist!​​