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January 2023

  • The Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2022

    Published 24/01/23

    Some of the girls in Year 6 were asked to be judges of the Young People's Book Prize 2022 - an award for the best science book of the year. We all read the books and marked them out of 5 for Ease of reading, Interest, Look and feel and Inspiration. It was a close run thing but most of us decided that Fantastically Great Women Scientists and Their Stories was our favourite, and most inspiring book. Amorae wrote that what she liked best about the book was that it shows powerful women who changed history and did incredible things. We have submitted our scores to the Royal Society and wait to see which one wins the prize. You can now read all the books because they have been added to our school library!

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  • Introducing Non-Stop Action

    Published 20/01/23

    St Edmund's is very excited to share that we have started to work with a specialist sports company to deliver our outdoor PE curriculum. 

    Non-Stop Action was founded in 2005 and has developed an enviable reputation across North London. They teach in 59 schools and help deliver an outstanding PE curriculum to over 20,000 children weekly. Non-Stop keeps children at the centre of everything they do, nurturing young people’s competitive spirit to succeed and building confidence and friendships. We are very excited to start this partnership, and we know the children will share their lessons and enjoyment with you at home very soon.

    If you would like to find out more about Non-Stop Action please click here.

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  • Scientists Of The Future!

    Published 13/01/23

    At St Edmunds, Science is taught with an emphasis on improving scientific language and skills. We provide lessons and experiences that allow our pupils to develop and build Science process skills as they move through the key stages. As the world around us becomes more science-driven, we expose our pupils to experiences that spark further interest in STEM-based careers. Pupils can ask and investigate their own questions through weekly science lessons and explore the subject further through cross-curricular learning.

    As we continue to raise the profile of Science in our school, this academic year, we introduced Super Scientists in each class. These individuals have displayed an enthusiasm for the subject or excelled in a lesson /topic. The reward for this fantastic display of Science knowledge or skill is their very own lab jacket, which can be worn for the next block of lessons! 

    So, if you ever see a child wearing one of our lab jackets, ask them any Science questions you may have!

    Well done to all the children who have started the year as their classes' new Super Scientist!​​


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  • St Edmund's Celebrate The Epiphany

    Published 06/01/23

    Today the whole school came together in the hall to celebrate the Epiphany. The liturgy was led by Mr Kelly, the Liturgical team and accompanied by some lovely singing by the choir.

    It was a special, prayerful time together when we remembered the journey of the three kings to visit baby Jesus. 

    A beautiful way to start the term altogether!

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January 2023