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Star Of The Week

Each week, the teachers will choose a child from their class to be Star of the Week. Children are chosen for excellent work, fantastic effort, good behaviour choices or going over and above our expectations. 

Children will be awarded a certificate during assembly. In KS2 children will spend some time with a member of the Senior Leadership team on Friday to have a chat about their achievement, while enjoying a hot chocolate and biscuit. 

Let's see who has amazed us this week!

Star of the Week w/c 11th October 2021



For showing excellent improvement in his letter formation.


For great participation during carpet time. 

2.1 Thrineyaa For excellent expression in her reading when reading aloud. Keep it up!
  Dymphna’mae For good sequencing in Guided Reading.


For fantastic football participation.
  Roylan For showing great improvement in his learning.
3.1 Sunmisola For being an extremely kind and helpful member of 3.1! Helps everyone out in class, even the adults! Keep it up :)
3.2 Nana For making a fantastic contribution to life at St Edmund’s. We will miss you!
4.1 Trinity-Rae For being a resilient and independent member of the class. Trinity-Rae is very responsible and trustworthy!
4.2 Gabriella For confidently explaining to the rest of the class how to answer a maths question which required lots of regrouping. Well done!
5.1 Sebastien For showing the courage to read a VIPERS’ text in front of the class even though he felt nervous. Well Done! Courage.
5.2 Mateo For being a major role model for the class, for always being respectful to classmates and adults, ready to learn and safe throughout the school day. Keep up the good work Mateo. 
6.1 Chancey For an exceptional attitude to her learning and the school day. Chancey is mature, independent and always respectful to everyone around her.
6.2 Tracey For being such a positive and kind member of the class. Your attitude to learning is always exemplary!



Well done to Class 6.1 for completing the most laps in Key Stage 2. A great effort!