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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Engagement, enjoyment and creativity form the basis of teaching in Year 1. We endeavour to create an atmosphere in which the curriculum is taught interactively. Our topic learning allows us to teach in a cross-curricular manner, enabling us to find links between different areas.

In Year 1, the children begin to follow the National Curriculum as a whole class during lessons.


Year Group Team

Miss Bay 

Miss Osborne 

Miss Sinclair 

Mrs Kelaj 

Mrs M. Llewellyn 

Ms E. Freitas 


PE will take place on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Children are expected to come to school in their PE kit on their PE days, and if they are taking part in a club after school. Earrings must not be worn on PE days.

What are Year1 learning this week?


We have been looking at different poems this week. We have been identifying rhyming words, discussing what we like and don’t like and explaining our reason why. We are learning the poem ‘Billy McCool’.


We have just finished learning about ordinal numbers and have now started learning about numbers to 20. We went into the playground and each person had a number to 20, and we had to count aloud. We also practised by counting objects we could see, up to 20.


We started our new unit ‘People of prayer’. We were thinking about the journey of the wise men. Now we are studying the Sermon on the Mount and what a sermon is. We also visited the church and listened to the priest Father Walter tell us about different types of prayer.



This week, we looked at materials that are man-made and others which are made from naturally occurring materials. We completed a survey to see how many different materials we could find in our school playground.


We have looked at what is old and new in relation to toys. We looked at old toys and compared them to the toys we have at home. We discussed the similarities and differences between them.


In computing year 1 have been practising using the letter, number, space bar, shift and backspace keys to edit a poster about a missing teddy.


S1 WK 3/4

Homework / Home Reading

Your child will be set three pieces of homework each week. This will consist of Maths, English and Reading. They will receive one piece of RE homework every half-term. All homework will be set via Google Classroom. It will go out on Friday and should be returned by the following Thursday. Maths homework will generally be set online through My Maths:

Children are provided with a reading book suited to their ability to further support their reading at home; this book is returned each week, and they are issued with a new one. We also encourage our pupils to continue their reading at home through the use of ‘Bug Club’ books which they can access through a login.


Focus is drawn on learning to read using phonics as it plays a crucial role. That is, teaching phonics gives children the ability to decode letters into their respective sounds, a skill essential for them to read unfamiliar words independently. At St Edmund’s, we use ‘Letters and Sounds’ to teach phonics alongside the Phonics Bug and Jolly Phonics resources as appropriate.


We have begun to use ‘Numbots’ in Year 1 to further develop children’s confidence and fluency in using their number bonds for addition and subtraction. This platform is enjoyable, educational and sets the children up with a solid foundation which will support them as they move through the school.