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St Edmund's Day

Who was St Edmund's?

St Edmund of Canterbury was born in 841AD, crowned King of East Anglia in 855, and fought alongside King Alfred against the Vikings. Captured by the Danes in 869, he was offered the chance to remain a puppet king if he renounced his Christian faith. Edmund refused. So the Danes tied him to a tree and fired lots of arrows at him until he died. Edmund was known around the world for his stance not to renounce his faith and became patron of the sick after a village in France prayed to him to help them during the plague. Not long after their prayers the plague came to an end. 

How do we celebrate St Edmund's Day each year?

Every year the school marks St Edmund's Day in a number of special ways. Firstly, as a school we come together as a community in our parish church where Year 6 lead a very special mass. We listen to the story of St Edmund and why our faith in God is so important to who we are as individuals and as a school. Our lessons that day focus around St Edmund and in the afternoon we have a class party to celebrate the day.