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The Big Question


'to share his love'

'so he can make his world with his powers...his wonderful world'

'to help people'

Year 1

'to teach other people'

'so he can make people happy'

'to stop wars'

'to bring harmony to the world'

'to share and spread love' 

Year 2

'to help us all'

'because God loves us so much'

Year 3

'spread word of God'

'to be our saviour'

'to save our sins and make the world a better place'

Year 4

'to save us'

'to spread the light of God'

'to bring love to the world'

Year 5

'I think Jesus was born because God had promised he would always be with us, so Jesus came as God in human form.'

'Jesus was born to be a saviour to God's people.'

'Jesus was born to teach and spread the good news.'

Year 6

'Jesus was born to cleanse our sins and purify the world.'

'Jesus was born to be a teacher.'

'Jesus was born so he could spread the word of God.'