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  • Parents Workshop First Aid Training Part 2

    Published 17/03/23

    Thank you to Mrs Morrison from the St John's Ambulance who gave our second session on first aid. It was well attended, and the parents also experienced some practical activity. The parents were very much engaged.

    Hopefully there will be a further session on other basic first aid.

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  • World Book Day

    Published 03/03/23

    Today the children and staff at St Edmund's enjoyed an extraordinary end to the week as we all dressed up to celebrate World Book Day. The children enjoyed a brilliant assembly led by Mr Harding and participated in many activities, discussions and games in class. Children have also received book vouchers to spend at our fair, which has been as popular as ever! 

    This year for World Book Day, we also made a massive push to support those impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, with our whole school community participating in 'The Big Read'. Children have been taking part in extended uninterrupted reading sessions all day, and we will share with you soon how much we have raised. All money raised will help CAFOD as they provide much-needed resources to the people.

    Thank you to all the children, parents and staff for the fantastic effort to make World Book Day the best one yet!

    More pictures will be uploaded soon!

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  • Year 6 - Design And Technology

    Published 24/02/23

    Today Year 6's Design and Technology project reached its climax. Year 6 have been designing and building transport that can carry and protect a free-range egg. They solved lots of problems over the weeks and all successfully built a vehicle that could move and also protect its precious cargo. Today was race day, and we saw how well they could move over some difficult terrain. It was a fun afternoon and a great afternoon was had by all!



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  • Reception's Wow Day

    Published 10/02/23

    All Around The World Wow Day. 

    Reception brought the Indian story of No Dinner to life this week and had so much fun in doing so. We made and ate Indian Samosas. We had a visitor play an Indian instrument called the Tabla, a singer sing in Tamil and our parents reading stories in their own languages. We celebrated our own heritage too by dressing in colours of our family's flag or wearing cultural dress. What a wonderful day we had! ​





































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  • Marcus Rasford's​​​​​​​ "You are the Champion"

    Published 10/02/23

    During this half-term we have had Spurs Foundation in school supporting reading and teachers in PE. They also presented a book from Marcus Rasford's "You are the Champion" which was given by the Premier League to each child in Year 6 to encourage children to become more resilient. 

    Thank you to Nathaniel and Cristian from Spurs Foundation who have been supporting this programme with the children.

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  • Primary Stars Reading Programme

    Published 10/02/23

    Primary Stars reading programme has been coming to St Edmund's this half-term to support Year 3 and Year 4 with reading and in their PE Lessons. Thank you to the Tottenham Hotspur for supporting our children with this fantastic programme. 

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  • Chinese New Year 2023

    Published 09/02/23

    We recently celebrated Chinese New Year throughout the school in a variety of ways. Have a look at just some of the fun we got up to!

    Reception learnt all about Chinese food, while Year 1 made lots of red decorations.

    Year 2 enjoyed learning about Ribbon Dances and did some of their very own. 

    In Year 6, the children used the xylophones to create sound stories. 

    At St Edmund's we know how important it is to show and teach others about our own cultural heritage but also to learn and foster an understanding for other cultures.

    Some children in Year 2 and Year 4 discussed why we should learn about Chinese New Year and celebrations around the world. Here's what some of the children said:

     “If you ever visit the countries you will know all about them and it’s very interesting.”

    “It’s good because you learn about other traditions.”

    “You can learn lots about the rest of the world not just about your own.”

    “You can share about your own, so people understand and learn more.”

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  • Numbers Day 2023

    Published 03/02/23

    Today all pupils across the school have been celebrating the magic of maths during our 'Number Day'. The purpose of the day was to raise awareness for the NSPCC, whilst also continuing to raise the profile of maths within our school. Pupils came in wearing clothes with numbers on, and spent the afternoon playing the board games they each had to make for homework. 

    A fantastic day has been had by all.

    Thank you to Miss Roberts, who has organised and led today's activities. 


    More pictures to follow soon!

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  • The Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2022

    Published 24/01/23

    Some of the girls in Year 6 were asked to be judges of the Young People's Book Prize 2022 - an award for the best science book of the year. We all read the books and marked them out of 5 for Ease of reading, Interest, Look and feel and Inspiration. It was a close run thing but most of us decided that Fantastically Great Women Scientists and Their Stories was our favourite, and most inspiring book. Amorae wrote that what she liked best about the book was that it shows powerful women who changed history and did incredible things. We have submitted our scores to the Royal Society and wait to see which one wins the prize. You can now read all the books because they have been added to our school library!

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  • Introducing Non-Stop Action

    Published 20/01/23

    St Edmund's is very excited to share that we have started to work with a specialist sports company to deliver our outdoor PE curriculum. 

    Non-Stop Action was founded in 2005 and has developed an enviable reputation across North London. They teach in 59 schools and help deliver an outstanding PE curriculum to over 20,000 children weekly. Non-Stop keeps children at the centre of everything they do, nurturing young people’s competitive spirit to succeed and building confidence and friendships. We are very excited to start this partnership, and we know the children will share their lessons and enjoyment with you at home very soon.

    If you would like to find out more about Non-Stop Action please click here.

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  • Scientists Of The Future!

    Published 13/01/23

    At St Edmunds, Science is taught with an emphasis on improving scientific language and skills. We provide lessons and experiences that allow our pupils to develop and build Science process skills as they move through the key stages. As the world around us becomes more science-driven, we expose our pupils to experiences that spark further interest in STEM-based careers. Pupils can ask and investigate their own questions through weekly science lessons and explore the subject further through cross-curricular learning.

    As we continue to raise the profile of Science in our school, this academic year, we introduced Super Scientists in each class. These individuals have displayed an enthusiasm for the subject or excelled in a lesson /topic. The reward for this fantastic display of Science knowledge or skill is their very own lab jacket, which can be worn for the next block of lessons! 

    So, if you ever see a child wearing one of our lab jackets, ask them any Science questions you may have!

    Well done to all the children who have started the year as their classes' new Super Scientist!​​


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  • St Edmund's Celebrate The Epiphany

    Published 06/01/23

    Today the whole school came together in the hall to celebrate the Epiphany. The liturgy was led by Mr Kelly, the Liturgical team and accompanied by some lovely singing by the choir.

    It was a special, prayerful time together when we remembered the journey of the three kings to visit baby Jesus. 

    A beautiful way to start the term altogether!

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