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Educational Visits

Trips, visits and learning off-site comprise an essential part of the school curriculum at St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School. Successful trips provide memorable learning experiences and enhance the children’s education in ways that are not possible in the classroom. The school is committed to providing visits as a positive tool to develop pupils’ independent, investigative learning, and to build their experience of the local and wider world.

We are fortunate to be living in London where we have easy access to world famous galleries, museums and events. Our educational visits are usually closely linked to the topic children are studying during that term and supplement the learning that is taking place in the classrooms.

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to currently go on the kinds of trips that we would wish. These will recommence when restrictions allow it.

Educational Trip Overview
  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1      
Year 2      
Year 3      
Year 4      
Year 5      
Year 6