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Religious Education

Catholic Life of the School

As a Catholic school, our Religious Education isn't segmented off within RE lessons. It underpins everything that we do. It is part of everything we do. At St. Edmund's, we are not just teaching the faith, but we teach a way of life.
The Catholic life of St. Edmund's school is rich in opportunities for children to encounter God. Our Catholic faith is central to the day to day life of our school and pupils are encouraged to put their faith into practice in their own lives. 
We know that through prayer, children deepen their relationship with Him as a loving, compassionate Father.  There are several opportunities for children to experience different ways of praying throughout their school day. Children pray formally, informally, through liturgies and assemblies. We have a rich liturgical life; liturgies take place in classrooms, in the school hall, in our school prayer garden or Church. The children help to prepare and participate in masses and liturgies. 
Children's faith journeys and understanding of their current Religious Education unit can be seen around the school. Each classroom has a prayer table with the appropriate liturgical colours, which displays items personal to the members of that class. Each classroom also has an RE display which demonstrates children's learning that half term. Each year group has its own Saint. They learn about their Saints life and mission and celebrate on their feast day. 

Classroom Religious Education

Children's Religious Education is taught each week. Religious Education is 10% of each child's weekly timetable. St. Edmund's follows the Religious Education Curriculum Education with support from Margaret Carswell's planning documents. Teaching focuses on Revelation (knowledge of God), the Church, Celebration (Holy Days, Sacraments) and Life in Christ. Teachers deliver high-quality lessons where they highlight explanations, subject-specific vocabulary, critical thinking, how actions link to belief and their importance and contribution to society and the world. Religious Education is a core subject at St. Edmunds, and teachers have high expectations of children and their work. Teachers work hard to ensure that children's ability to achieve in Religious Education is not dependent on their Literacy skills. Children record their RE learning in a number of different ways.